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(20Nov2023 - ALL) An important automation change is coming to Accounts Payable.  See more details on this p​​a​​g​​e.​​

(09Oct2023 - ALL) Supplier expectations regarding the EU and UK sanctions can be found on this p​a​g​​e.​​​

(31Jul2023 - ALL)  The Cummins Supplier Forced Labor Prevention Policy is now published on the Supplier Portal. You may find it and additonal information on this p​ag​​e.​

(01May​​2023 - ALL) ​​Effective 01 May 2023, the CBS Accounts Payable US team's call center hours will be from 6:00AM to 1:00PM CST.  See this page.​​​

(12Apr2023 - ALL) The Cummins Small Business Self-Certification form is now available on this page.​​

(21Feb2023 - ALL) The Cummins Supplier Handbook (English translation) has been updated.  Please find it on this page.

(01Apr2022 - UK suppliers) The purchase order Terms and Conditions have been updated and can be found on this page.​​

(08Nov2021 - ALL) Please log in to the secure side of the Cummins Supplier Portal to read an announcement pertaining to parts approvals for deviations/waivers

(08Nov2021 - ALL) The Cummins Emissions Journey page is now active with a training module for suppliers.​

(21May2021 - ALL) Business resiliency is a term that comprises emergency response, crisis management, business continuity, and recovery. It represents the ability of organizations to plan for, adapt, respond & recover from impactful events – such as natural disasters, serious accidents, supply chain disruptions, more...​

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​This public site opens the door to what you need to know to do business with Cummins Inc. Prospective and current suppliers alike will find information nd related links covering Cummins' expectations regarding ethical behavior, sustainability, environmental stewardship, supplier diversity, and more.

Cummins values supplier relationships. Check this site often, or add it to your list of favorites, so that you can stay current on news, programs, applications, and initiatives that affect that important interaction between Cummins and suppliers of goods and services.

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