(01JAN2021 - UK and European suppliers) The purchase order Terms and Conditions have been updated and can be found on this page.

(09OCT2020 - ALL) A list of the revision numbers to the Cummins Engineering Standards is now available on the Supplier Portal on this page.

(01JUN2020 - ALL) SAFE WORK PLAYBOOK FOR EXTERNAL SHARING.  The Safe Work Playbook is now available in an external version​ (click here).​

(30Apr2020 - ALL) Cummins operations re-start examples and State of Indiana information on operational re-start now available on the COVID-19 novel coronavirus page.​​  

(15Apr2020 - ALL) Additional supplier communication on the COVID-19 novel coronavirus page.

(10Mar2020 - ALL) Please visit a new page​ dedicated to supplier information regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)​​ for further information.

(03Mar2020 - to all suppliers) The Packaging Data Sheet (PDS) template can now be emailed to a common mailbox with cc to your Cummins sourcing manager. Please visit the Standards and Processes page on the Supplier Portal for more information.

02Mar2020 -- to all suppliers) Critical updates to Cummins' Global Packaging Standards are now available Please visit the Standards and Processes​ page on the Supplier Portal for more information.

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