(05Dec2019 -- to all suppliers) Several recent updates to the (1) Cummins Global Packaging Standards (Production Parts, New and ReCon Parts), (2) the PDS Template, and (3) Site-Specific Packaging Standards are​ detailed m​ore...​

(registered suppliers) - There is a notice for registered users of the Cummins Supplier Portal and several of its' connected applications.  The notice can be seen after logging into the Supplier Portal. 

 Cummins Supplier Portal

​This public site opens the door to what you need to know to do business with Cummins Inc. Prospective and current suppliers alike will find information and related links covering Cummins' expectations regarding ethical behavior, sustainability, environmental stewardship, supplier diversity and more.

Cummins values supplier relationships. Check this site often, or add it to your list of favorites, so that you can stay current on news, programs, applications and initiatives that affect that important interaction between Cummins and suppliers of goods and services.

If you would like to be a Cummins supplier​, additional information is available. Welcome to Supplier Portal.

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