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Cummins uses a global procurement system called Ariba Cloud from Ariba Inc., to handle indirect purchases and many locations around the world currently use this system.​

​An important piece of the Ariba Cloud system is the catalog provided by our suppliers. Catalogs provide efficiency in the procurement process so that users can efficiently select items and place orders swiftly with suppliers.  Compared with having to manually create a purchase requisition in detail to order the same items.  Catalogs are managed and updated by our Suppliers through Ariba Network.  You will be required to have an Ariba Network account.  For more information on registering for an Ariba Network account click here​​.  

As a supplier, it is recommended that you review the catalog content at least once a year to ensure the information is current. This will ensure your invoices match the purchase order and get paid on time.

Cummins supports two types of catalogs:

  • CIF (Catalog Interchange Format) - This is a simple comma-separated (Microsoft Excel-based) list of catalog items and their attributes that can include pictures. CIF catalogs can vary in size, ranging from one item to thousands of items (up to 10 MB of data). This type of catalog is the most common format used and requires very limited technical capability. 
    • Suppliers create the catalogs and submit them to Cummins via the Ariba Network.  They become available in Cummins Ariba Cloud after automatically syncing (every 4 hours) from the Ariba Network to Ariba Cloud. Cummins will review and approve the content before making it available to internal users.
  • Punchout (External website) - Punchout catalogs link between Cummins Ariba Cloud system and the supplier website. They provide a live, interactive experience to the Cummins buyer.  A URL is displayed within our system instead of product details, the buyer can then shop directly from your website and return the cart to the Ariba Cloud system for approval.

The choice of catalog type will depend on your sourcing agreement with Cummins. Consult with your Cummins Sourcing Manager for direction on the type of catalog to set up for Cummins.  Quality content for the catalogs ensures that our buyers are able to efficiently locate and swiftly purchase items that are available through the catalogs.

To provide quality catalog content, please adhere to the following guidelines.

CIF Catalogs

  • A Cummins CIF sample template is shown below for reference. This template provides further details on how to populate each field.
  • The title of a CIF Catalog MUST be in this format ABC INC_US (Supplier Name, underscore, Country Code) please see "Ariba Catalog Standard Naming Convention Template​" in the Guide section.​
  • Cummins utilizes standard UNSPSC Commodity Codes v13.5 this list is recognized by Ariba Network and available in the Guide section. Commodity codes need to accurately describe the catalog items because they drive spend analysis for our purchasing teams. 
    • If in doubt about which commodity code to use, contact your Cummins Sourcing Manager. 
  • Units of Measure (UOM) should be taken from our standard list available in the Guide section.
  • For other required catalog details and instructions on how to complete the template, please view the Detailed CIF Catalog Creation Instructions below.​
​Cummins CIF Sample Template ​​​
​(XLS, ​​​261KB)
​Converting a file to CIF format 
​(PDF, 467KB)
​Detailed CIF Catalog Creation Instructions 
​(PDF, 1.48MB)

Punchout Catalogs

  • The title of a Punchout Catalog MUST be in this format ABC INC PUNCHOUT_US (Supplier Name, underscore, Country Code)​ please see "Ariba Catalog Standard Naming Convention Template​​" in the Guide section.
  • Prior to submitting a punchout catalog, please send your test account ANID (Ariba Network Identification), Duns #, and which country the catalog is for to
  • A setup process will need to be completed on our end, (which takes a few days). After completion, the punchout may be submitted through the Ariba Network Test Account.
  • Once the file has been submitted successfully, the catalog manager and sourcing manager will be required to verify and approve the file, catalog link, and content before making the catalog available to buyers.  In the event of any issues, the catalog team will work with you to resolve them.
​Punchout Template​
​(XLSX, 38KB​)


If you have questions about your subscription services, you MUST contact SAP Ariba Support​

​​Ariba Catalog Standard Naming Convention​ Template
​(PDF, 208KB)​
​UNSPSC Commodity Codes​​
(XLSX,​ 562KB​)
​​UOM List 
(PDF, 15.6KB)
​​Uploading a New Catalog File on the Ariba Network
​​(PDF, 279KB)​
Korean​ (PDF, 381KB)
​Updating an Existing Catalog on the Ariba Network
​​(PDF, 189KB)​
​Korean (PDF, 308KB)
​​​Frequently Asked Questions
​​(PDF, 12.4KB)​

Supplier Catalogs - Indirect