​​​​​​​​​​Cummins Inc. utilizes the SAP Business Network™ as the electronic collaboration network for Purchase Orders (PO's) and Invoices.

The SAP Business Network™ (ASN) is one of the world's largest, open, business-transacting networks, with more than 100,000 e-enabled vendors transacting with hundreds of the world's largest buying organizations. By providing a single point of integration to trade globally in real time, the SAP Business Network™ gives buying organizations a powerful solution to efficiently manage supplier interactions across the spend management lifecycle–resulting in immediate bottom line savings.

Why Ariba Supplier Network?

  • Multiple electronic protocols available to suppliers – web, fax, email, EDI or cXML
  • Rapid communication to supplier within minutes of an approved purchase order.
  • Ability to send invoices electronically to Cummins, ensuring that the invoice is received and processed quickly with fewer reconciliation errors – ultimately speeding payment to the supplier

All on-going suppliers who provide indirect products and services should utilize the SAP Business Network™ to receive PO's electronically, provide Indirect catalogs, and where applicable, to send invoices to Cummins electronically.

Basic Steps for Suppliers:

  1. Register as a supplier on the SAP Business Network™, selecting the process in which your company will receive PO's (web, email, fax, EDI, cXML.)
  2. Complete the "hand-shake" which confirms the relationship between your company and Cummins Inc.
  3. Receive PO's via the selected protocol.
  4. Create an invoice that exactly matches the PO and send the invoice electronically to Cummins via the SAP Business Network.

Supplier Enablement for Electronic PO's

Attached below are detailed instructions provided by Ariba to help you register on the SAP Business Network™. You may select your preferred protocol to receive PO's (web, email, fax, EDI, cXML). Initial membership to the SAP Business Network™ is free. However, Ariba charges a nominal fee beyond certain transaction thresholds for the usage of their network. It is expected that each supplier will work directly with Ariba to ensure prompt payment.

Registering with Ariba for Electronic PO's (PDF, 2.8MB)

Ariba provides all support to suppliers for registration and issue resolution regarding the SAP Business Network™. Follow the link above in the Related Links section to connect with Ariba in getting started or for help. For specific questions regarding Cummins requirements, please contact the person who requested your company to register on the SAP Business Network™.

Supplier Enablement for Electronic​ Invoicing

Cummins will begin receiving Electronic Invoices through the SAP Business Network™ starting in June 2010 for US Suppliers. The supported invoice protocols are PO Flip (HTML), cXML and EDI.

General Cummins Invoice Requirements (PDF, 1.2MB)
Ariba Supplier Enablement for Electronic Invoicing (PDF,0.2MB)
Decision tool to select Electronic Invoicing protocol (PDF,0.05MB)
Cummins PO Flip Invoicing Guideline (PDF, 0.8MB)

Note: Suppliers who provide direct products and are currently setup to send invoices via EDI should continue with the Cummins EDI Invoicing process. Only invoices for PO's that have the "IND" prefix may be sent via the SAP Business Network™.

​Cummins Contact Information:

Contact Cummins Accounts Payable.