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​​​​​​​​Cummins Inc. has high expectations of how our suppliers do business with us, as well as within the global community. We want the highest quality standards with a low total cost of ownership, throughout the entire supply chain.

Within the Supplier Portal will be more detailed standards and processes, but here we have several key pieces of information for all existing and potential suppliers. In order to help you do business with Cumm ins, please review the following topics.

We require that all current packaging solutions are compliant:

​Global Packaging Standard Production Parts - Rev 1​
​​​Compliance Due Date: Immediately
​​Global Packaging Standard Production Parts - Rev ​2
Compliance Due Date:  01 March 2020
Global P​ackaging Standard New & ReCon Parts​  
Compliance Due Date: 01 March 2020
Site-Specific Packaging Requirements​ - Rev 3​ 
Compliance Due Date: Immediately
Packaging Data Sheet Template - Rev 2 
(Note:  You must enable macros in MS Excel to use this ​spreadsheet)
Compliance Due Date: 09 December 2019

 PDS Form Overview and Instructions for Completing (English)

 PDS Form Overview and Instructions for Completing (Chinese)

 Cummins Inc. - Supplier Handbook (Customer Specific Requirements) (for Direct Suppliers)

 Electronic Commerce

 Shipping / Transportation

 New Supplier Checklist/Changes to Existing Supplier Checklist/Supplier Reactivation Checklist

 Ergonomics Standard

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