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​​​​Cummins Cumulative Quantities Instructions
How to Load a DELFOR
Cummins EDI Implementation Guidelines
DELFOR Questions
DESADV Questions
Invoice Questions
Sterling Web Forms General Questions
Sterling Web Forms DELFOR Questions
Sterling Web Forms DESADV Questions
Sterling Web Forms Invoice Questions

DELFOR Questions

Q) What is the difference between the Replace and Change DELFOR?
A) The Replace DELFOR means a complete regeneration of the previous document. You must set your system to completely delete the previous DELFOR data and load the new DELFOR data in your business application. Cummins does not send zero quantities in the DELFOR. If you do not fully replace the DELFOR, old requirements could get left behind in your planning system.

The Change DELFOR is a change in the schedule for a specific part number. Your system must update the schedule for that part number with the new schedule.

Q) Should our business application automatically firm Cummins requirements that fall into the firm lead time?
A) No. Do not allow your system to auto firm planning/forecast data from the DELFOR message.

Q) What is the difference between Firm, Planned, and Immediate orders in the DELFOR?
A) Firm orders contain the delivery date of goods requested by a Cummins plant. Firm orders must be shipped against and will not change once the schedule has moved from planned to firm without agreement between the plant and the supplier.

Note: The supplier must calculate the in transit time in order to calculate when the shipment must leave the supplier's docks and arrive at Cummins plant by the expected delivery date in the DELFOR.

Planned orders are for planning purposes only and may change in the schedule.

Note: Suppliers must not ship against planned orders as they have not been validated as a firm schedule.

Immediate orders are orders considered past due by a Cummins plant. If questions arise on an immediate order, contact the Cummins plant immediately.

Note: Supplier must ship the goods if they haven't already done so.

General Reminder: Ship to the firm and build to the plan…

Q) Delivery Date Requested on a Firm order is the date the goods are needed at the plant?
A) Yes, the shipment must arrive to the plant on the date indicated.

Q) What are the policies regarding early deliveries?
A) If a delivery is early or late, it will affect performance. Please contact the plant if you have specific questions.

Q) What is the Message date?
A) The date the message was sent.

Q) What is the Horizon end date?
A) The date for the end of the planning horizon.

Q) What is YTD?
A) Year To Date received quantity by part number.

Q) Do the lead times take into consideration the horizon time setup by the plants?
A) Yes, it should be based on what the planner has setup with the supplier. If this is not adequate, you must contact purchasing.

Q) Why does the DELFOR contain the wrong supplier number?
A) In some instances, Cummins is initiating the supplier identification format in the name and address segment of your DELFOR. For certain plant system implementations this will include your Oracle Supplier number + location name + location code (Example, 123456COLUMBUS00).

Q) Why are there numerous supplier numbers from different Cummins entities?
A) Many of Cummins locations utilize different application systems. These application systems determine the format of the supplier number and will require that your system be updated with the format for that plant.

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DESADV Questions

Q) Why does our DESADV fail, saying the ASN number is too long when it states a maximum of 35 characters?
A) While the EDIFACT standard will allow for a maximum of 35 characters, it is the Cummins applications that will only allow a maximum of 12 characters in the DESADV shipment ID field.

Q) Can we use the "5" for replace in the BGM03 segment to replace a DESADV document that contained bad data?
A) No, Cummins does not recognize the "5" = replace message. If you send bad data, you must contact the plant to let them know that DESADV contains invalid data and that you will be sending a new document.

Q) If I receive an APERAK message, do I have to change the shipment ID on the DESADV?
A) No, an APERAK means that the DESADV has not been received in our systems and there is no need to change your DESADV shipment ID, UNLESS the APERAK message specifically states that the shipment ID was a duplicate.

Q) What is the SCAC code and how do I find the list?
A) SCAC stands for Standard Carrier Alpha Code, and the list of codes that Cummins uses can be found on this site Cummins EDI Implementation Guidelines.

Note: SMI suppliers and those shipping consolidated through CEVA must use CEVV as the SCAC code.

Q) When we send an ASN, what about the invoice number, is it designated by the packing slip?
A) You can use the ASN number for the invoice number, but it must be unique for all time; not just the twelve month limit on an ASN/SID number.

Q) What should I use as the Shipment ID?
A) Cummins prefers the invoice number. Whatever you use, it must be clearly marked on the paper document that accompanies the shipment.

Note: The invoice number on the EDI transaction must match the invoice number in the supplier's financial system.

Q) Why is it spelled DESPATCH?
A) This is the European standard spelling and meaning.

Q) What if we don't ship the full quantity?
A) You will receive a RECADV message indicating that the quantity shipped wasn't what the plant was expecting. Contact the plant to clarify the issue.

Q) Carrier Freight Bill/Tracking number, what do I use?
A) The last 9 digits are what are needed for UPS to track the box(es) if provided by carrier; if not, whatever you would use to track a missing shipment.

Q) What do I use as a Tracking number when it goes to a shipping company?
A) Bill of lading number.

Q) We are located outside the United States and when our logistics company picks up our shipment they don't give us a tracking number for up to 2 weeks. I need to send the DESADV with the shipment for customs purposes. How do I fill in Carrier Freight Bill/Tracking number in the Details of Transport?
A) Enter the name of the transport company in the first field, select the carrier type, and fill in both the SCAC code and the transport company again in the Carrier Name field. You can then use the bill of lading that will be used to track the shipment in your system.

Q) We occasionally do drop shipments for Cummins locations to their customers. Do I need to send a DESADV for this?
A) No, for drop shipments the parts are not going to the Cummins receiving location, thus, a DESADV is not necessary.

Q) How do I know what to enter into the Name and Address segment for my company?
A) This will be provided in your corresponding DELFOR in the Name and Address segment for supplier.

Q) How do I know what the Cummins Dock Code is?
A) This will be provided in your corresponding DELFOR in the Location segment under each part number.

Q) What is the Cummins location DUNS number and where can I find this information?
A) The Cummins location DUNS will be transmitted in your corresponding DELFOR message. There is a list of location DUNS numbers that Cummins uses on this site Cummins EDI Implementation Guidelines.

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Invoice Questions

Q) When I send an electronic invoice do I also need to send the paper invoice?
A) Until Accounts Payable instructs you otherwise, you must send paper invoices. Testing will require at least 3 production invoices to be sent electronically and via paper to Accounts Payable.

Note: International shipments may require a paper invoice for custom purposes regardless of EDI invoicing capability.

Q) Should I send all Cummins invoices electronically?
A) Cummins Business Services (CBS) handles a large percentage but not all of our company's payables. All invoices for shipments to Cummins US locations may be sent via EDI to receiver ID 006415160, qualifier 1. Invoices for shipments to Cummins UK locations must be sent via EDI to receiver ID 217480354, qualifier 1. Invoices for shipments to Cummins Mexico locations must be sent via EDI to receiver ID 932707235, qualifier 1.

Invoices designated for other Cummins bill-to addresses should remain paper based at this time.

Q) Can I send credits electronically?
A) No, credits should be sent as a paper document to the billing address on the Purchase Order.

Q) Can I re-use an invoice number?
A) No, invoice numbers for a Cummins supplier code must be unique. Subsequent invoices with identical invoice numbers will error out of the payables process, generating an APERAK.

Q) How do I correct an invoice that was sent electronically?
A) Contact the regional Accounts Payable support center. An analyst will determine if the original can be deleted from the Cummins system so a corrected invoice can be resent and loaded, or if a credit/debit memo will be needed.

Note: Be sure to use the original invoice number. Do not append characters to the original invoice number or create a new number.

Q) What is the appropriate format for the Cummins purchase order number?
A) In some cases, the Cummins purchase order number is sent on schedules or orders with a '-XXX' following the PO number to indicate the receiving location. The '-XXX' is not part of the PO number and should not be sent on the invoice. (Example, 950000-CIC, CIC is not part of the PO number).

Q) Does Cummins' system match against the receipt before issuing payment?
A) At this time, our system does not reconcile the specific receipt or ship notice to the invoice but for all direct materials the quantity invoiced must show as received within our system before the invoice will release for payment.

Q) Can I include special charges such as freight, tax, or packaging on an electronic invoice?
A) Freight should not be included on your invoice to Cummins. All freight arrangements should be made through our 3rd party logistics provider according to Cummins supplier shipping instructions.

Applicable special charges other than freight may be added to the invoice at the summary level if approved.

Note: The addition of special charges might cause your invoice to require manual intervention by an AP analyst.

Q) How do I know that Cummins has received my electronic invoice?
A) Suppliers using traditional EDI to send invoices may request an acknowledgement (CONTRL) message to be returned upon receipt of the electronic invoice. The CONTRL message confirms that Cummins has received the EDI invoice but does not confirm the validity of the invoice data. The supplier should configure their system to automatically reconcile the CONTRL message to the outbound invoices and report exceptions when outbound messages are not reconciled. Most commercial EDI translation packages have this capability built in.

Q) I sent an invoice electronically but Cummins has not made payment
A) Contact the regional Accounts Payable support center to determine if the invoice was received but is held in error correction. An invoice could be held in error correction due to various reasons including but not limited to: lack of receipts, problem with sum of line items balancing to invoice total, invalid part number, or invalid purchase order number. If the invoice is in error correction, the AP analyst will determine if the invoice will be manually corrected or if it will be deleted for you to send a corrected copy.

Q) I sent an invoice electronically but Cummins has not received the invoice?
A) Since an electronic invoice goes through several processes, there are a series of points that should be validated.

  • Verify that the invoice was sent.
    • Traditional EDI can be validated by first checking your EDI translator's sent message archive then following up with your Value Added Network (VAN) to confirm that the data was sent. If your VAN confirms that the data was sent and you are using a VAN other than Sterling Commerce, request the mailbag id number.
  • Sterling Web Form users should check their Outbox to confirm that the invoice was sent.

Contact the regional Accounts Payable support center to determine if the invoice was received but is held in error correction.

  • Request Cummins technical assistance to track the electronic invoice.
    • Contact Cummins ECommerce help desk at 812-377-3441. Provide the following information: Cummins vendor code, your EDI sender id, invoice number, date of transmission, name of VAN, and mailbag id for the missing transmission.

Q) What is the benefit of enrolling in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?
A) EFT payments are received in your bank account within 1 banking day after Cummins authorizes payment. A paper check requires approximately 4 days after payment authorization to reach the supplier. An additional benefit is the cost for processing an EFT payment is significantly less than costs incurred by Cummins and the supplier to process paper checks. Lastly, EFT eliminates the risk of payment being lost or detained due to mail routing issues.

Q) If I receive payment through EFT, how will I receive the remittance detail for cash application?
A) There are two options for receiving remittance details electronically.

  • ACH-CTX. Remittance detail accompanies the EFT payment through the bank clearing house and is received by the supplier's bank. It is the supplier's responsibility to work with their bank to make arrangements to receive the remittance detail electronically or manually.
  • Mail. Receive a remittance detail report in the mail. The time delay is approximately 4 days between receiving the EFT payment and the mailed remittance detail.

Q) If I enroll for EFT but continue to receive paper checks, who should I call?
A)In some cases, invoices authorized for payment prior to setting up the EFT profile may be paid by check. If you continue to receive check payments 4 weeks after submitting the EFT profile to Cummins, please contact the regional Cummins Accounts Payable support center.

Q) What should I do if I receive the EFT payment but no remittance detail?
A) Steps to follow up will depend on which electronic option you chose on the EFT profile.

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Sterling Web Forms General Questions

Q) What is the URL for Sterling web forms?

Q) Does Sterling charge for questions?
A) There is no charge for questions sent via email. If you call their 800 number, then there can be a $25.00 USD per call charge.

Q) Why do I sometimes get the logon screen when I've already logged on?
A) If you get the logon screen again at anytime during your session it is because the session has timed out (after approximately 20 minutes).

Q) How do I open a form?
A) Click on the form number.

Q) How many forms can be archived?
A) There is no limit, but having many might slow the response of your web forms.

Q) How many email addresses can we add?
A) Multiple, but the user id and password must be shared.

Q) Once I send a message do I need to check daily to see that it has been received?
A) No, once you have sent the message it should show that it was received. Normally, it only takes a couple of minutes for the document to be sent. A message marked as received means it has been sent to Cummins, but does not mean it has been processed into Cummins's applications. If the message failed, you will receive an APERAK that you must respond to immediately.

Q) Can all my locations use the same account?
A) Yes, if you have more then one supplier number; you could receive one DELFOR with multiple supplier numbers. Thus, it is very important to review the complete document for your supplier numbers and PO numbers.

Q) Can I send credit memos via Sterling web forms?
A) No, the credit memo must still be created on paper and mailed.

Q) What do I do if my password doesn't work?
A) Passwords are case sensitive. But if that isn't the issue call Sterling at 888-432-7382 to get the password reset.

Q) What do I do if I forget my password or username?
A) Go to the logon screen and click the "Forgot Password" link (see the recovering user name and/or password section of the training document).

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Sterling Web Forms DELFOR Questions

Q) What is purpose of downloading the form?
A) You can download the schedule as a delimited .txt file to be able to have a working file. Some MRP systems will allow the file to be moved into the system. Check with your IT group

Q) I've downloaded the file, but can't open it in Microsoft Excel, how can I do this?
A) After you download the file, go in and rename the file with the .xls extension. Open the file in Excel, and you will get a Text Import Wizard dialog box.

  • Original data type select Delimited
  • Then at the bottom click next
  • Delimiters select Other, and then enter ~ in the box beside other
  • Click next
  • You will then have the option to select Column data format, which is already set, this is usually sufficient
  • Click next
  • Click finish

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Sterling Web Forms DESADV Questions

Q) How can we create a DESADV?
A) You can create a DESADV using the Create From DELFOR option, Create Forms, or Draft

Q) When creating a Draft do I need to save as a draft each time?
A) No, once you have saved the draft, it is there to use over and over again until you delete.

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Sterling Web Forms Invoice Questions

Q) Can we invoice from web forms?
A) Yes, you can create an INVOICE by using the Create Forms menu, or by doing a turnaround message from the DESADV message.

Q) When creating a Draft do I need to save as a draft each time?
A) No, once you have saved the draft, it is there to use over and over again until you delete.

Q) Can I invoice for non production parts and receive orders for non production parts in web forms?
A) You can invoice for non production parts via Sterling web forms. You will need to input the description in the part number field and the description field. You will not receive orders in web forms for non-production parts.

Q) How do I learn more about the web form utility as an option for sending invoices?
A) Email or call the Cummins Electronic Commerce helpdesk at 812-377-3441 or

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