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​​​​​​Contact Accounts Payable - US 

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US Supplier Payments​


Type of Purchasing Activity

AP Email for Invoices ONLY

Please Send Invoices in PDF/TIF Format
Email for questions about invoice/payment status

 Phone Number

Mailing Address
Operations Direct​1-877​-377-4357 option 1, 1​Cummins Business Services 
P.O. Box 290909 
Nashville, TN  37229-0909
​Operations and CSSNA Indirect:
PO's starting with IND​1-877-377-4357 option 1, 1​​Cummins Business Services 
P.O. Box 290909 
Nashville, TN  37229-0909
​CSSNA Direct and Indirect:
CSSNA PO's NOT starting with IND ​​
option 2
Cummins Business Services 
P.O. Box 291989
Nashville, TN  37229-0909

Effective 01 May 2023, the CBS Accounts Payable team's call center hours will be from 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM CST.​​

Please ensure the following is clearly shown on your invoices:

  • Invoice to: Specific Cummins company name
  • Remittance Address: As appropriate
  • A valid Cummins Purchase Order Number

​There are some restrictions on the size and format of email attachments you must adhere to:

  • Maximum size of email – 8Mb (multiple attachments permitted)
  • Each invoice and backing document must be a separate attachment and be a .pdf file.
  • Ensure the PO Number is included in the body of the attachment and not just in the email subject.
  • If your emails do not comply, they may be returned to you for resubmission.


Contact Accounts Payable-US