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​​​​​Contact Accounts Payable - Romania

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Romania - Supplier Payments 

Please ensure that your records are updated to minimize any delay to your payment and that your invoices continue to quote the correct invoice/bill to address.

For account inquiries and information regarding supplier invoice payments, please contact: 
0044 1642 637 454

Please Send Invoices in PDF/TIF Format To:​


Scanning rules:

  • One e-mail should contain at least one attachment but can contain multiple attachments​
  • The maximum for attachments per email is 10 and each email should not exceed 5 MB
  • Each attachment must be in PDF or TIF format (A4 size) – one invoice per PDF/TIF
  • The attachment file name may contain special characters accepted by Windows while naming a file
  • The maximum length of an attachment name, including extensions, is 90 characters
  • The attachments may be a single page or multipage
  • Form filled PDFs are not accepted
  • The PDF or TIF attached should NOT be password protected or encrypted
  • Email Subject text should be kept under 107 characters

Note: If you choose to use this option you must also send an original invoice to the address of Cummins Generator Technologies Romania SA, Craiova.

Sending invoices via post:

Cummins Generator Technologies Romania SA, Nr.O.R.C./an : J16 / 781 / 1999, C.I.F. : RO 12459849, Sediul : CRAIOVA ; B-Id.Decebal ; Nr116A, Judetul : DOLJ, Romania


  • Invoice/bill to address must be shown on your invoice
  • Business delivery address must be shown on your invoice
  • ​Delivery/advice notes must be sent with the goods to the delivery address​

Alternatively, invoices can be sent to our scanning center using the postal address below:

Cummins Generator Technologies Romania SA (BC717)

Romania PO Box 120


NE24 9EP​





Ensure that the Purchase Order Number – PO – and invoice match exactly:​

  • Verify that all line items on the PO and invoice match exactly with regards to item description, unit of measure and quantity, unit price; currency and supplier part number (if applicable).
  • If there are any discrepancies or changes, communicate with the purchasing contact prior to invoicing.  Inconsistencies will result in the return of the invoice and/or the delay of payment.

Submit a complete and accurate invoice:

  • Our VAT Identification number also has to be mentioned: RO12459849.
  • The invoice has to include the date of invoicing as well as a continuous invoice number.
  • The invoice has to include the date/month of performance.
  • The Cummins issued PO number, MUST be included on the invoice.
  • Invoices should state the purchase order number, part number and a description of the goods/services at invoice line level.
  • The invoice must contain invoice lines which match the PO. No positive and negative line amounts may be included on the same invoice.  Credits or adjustments for returned goods or services must be issued in the form of a credit note.
  • The invoice must also contain your company name. Your supplier name must be the same as the name referred to on the PO. Inform the purchasing contact of any changes to your supplier information, including supplier name or remittance address.
  • Invoice net amounts must be split by tax rate and tax exemption.​

​Rejected invoices:

Invoices which do not meet the criteria as outlined above will be rejected and returned to the supplier unprocessed.


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Contact Accounts Payable-Romania