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​​Contact Accounts Payable – Colombia

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Colombia - Supplier Payments

Where to send your invoices for processing:

Cummins Colombia SAS
KM1 Via Siberia–Funza Parque Industrial las Mercedes Lote 23
Funza, Colombia


For account inquiries and information regarding supplier invoice payments, please contact

Colombia Accounts Payable​

+57 1 2912236

Invoicing requirements:
Cummins Colombia SAS only makes payments against valid original invoices. Not complying with the requirements below could result in a delay of

payment or rejection of invoice.


To ensure on–time payment, invoices and credit notes received must have the following information:

Supplier Information:

  • Supplier Name & Supplier Address
  • NIT Number (NIT: 900.623.530–0)
  • Supplier’s telephone number, contact person, and email address
  • Bank information (Bank name, address and account number)


Cummins Colombia SAS Information:

  • Cummins Colombia SAS legal entity and Invoice address as stated in the Purchase order.
  • NIT Number (NIT: 900.623.530–0)
  • Cummins Colombia SAS purchase order number.
  • A copy of PO must be submitted with the invoice


Content data:

  • Invoice number (must be unique).
  • Invoice date (please specify the format used).
  • Invoice must include the resolution number from Tax authority.
  • Currency must be the same currency as stated in the Purchase Order.
  • Specification of goods and services delivered; Line items and description in the purchase order should match the invoice.
  • Total net amount
  • Tax amount. If multiple taxes (VAT/WHT) are applicable, the tax rate for every net amount should be specified
  • Total payable amount
  • For credit notes, invoice number being credited must be stated (one credit note per invoice)
  • ​Mailing Address (Where the invoices will be sent for payment processing) 

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Contact Accounts Payable-Colombia