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Through which methods can Purchase Orders and other documents be received?

There are several methods by which a Purchase Order can be received.  Please see the list. Read More  

What is the recommended method by which to receive Purchase Orders?

Email is the recommended method to receive Purchase Orders. Email notifications are sent out, and can include a copy of the PO, when orders are received within your AN Account. Read More

How can I set up notifications?

The Network Notifications section indicates which system notifications you would like to receive and allows you to designate which email addresses you would like to send them to. Read More 

Can Purchase Orders route to more than one email address?

You can enter up to 3 email addresses per notification type.  You must separate each address with a comma but include NO spaces between the emails. Read More  

How do I configure the method to receive Purchase Orders?

1. Select “Same as new catalog orders without attachments" for Change Orders and Other Document Types to automatically have the settings duplicated or you may set according to your preference. Read More

How do I configure the method to electronically route invoices to Cummins Inc.?

1. Select Electronic Invoice Routing. Choose one of the following methods for Electronic Invoice Routing: Read More

Can more than one person have Account Administrator access?

There can only be one administrator per Ariba Network ID (ANID). Read More

How can I create different levels of user access to our Ariba Network account?

The administrator can create users and assign roles. Read More

Our Company has more than one Ariba Network account, can we consolidate our Ariba Network invoices?

Ariba offers invoice consolidation and synchronization for customers with several accounts. Read More 

Is there an account I can use for Testing only purposes?

To set up your Test Account, you need to be on the tabular view of your Ariba Network Production Account. Click your name in top right corner and then select Switch to Test ID. The Switch To Test Account button is only available to the account Administrator. Read More 


Ariba FAQ's: Section 2