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What is Ariba Network?

Cummins has selected Ariba Network as their electronic transaction provider. As a preferred supplier, you have been invited by your customer to join Ariba Network and start transacting electronically with them. Read More  

Why should I transact with Cummins Inc. via the Ariba Network?

Maintaining operational excellence in Cummins Purchasing demands we use a good, standard tool to streamline the transactions between Cummins and our suppliers. Cummins has therefore... Read More

What types of documents can we send Cummins via the Ariba Network?

Cummins via the Ariba Network supports a variety of documents.  Please review the list... Read More

Can we send Cummins our invoices via the Ariba Network?

Certain invoice types are among the documents supported by Cummins via the Ariba Network.  Please review the specific invoice types in the list. Read More

What types of documents can we NOT send Cummins via the Ariba Network?

There are certain documents including certain invoice types which are NOT acceptable by Cummins via the Ariba Network.   Please read for further details. Read More

Are there different types of accounts?

The Ariba Network offers five(5) different types of accounts which are described in further detail. Read More

What are the charges for the use of the Ariba Network?

The fee structure is detail in the information in this list. Read More

How can we optimize the use of the Ariba Network in order to benefit our business?

There are multiple benefits to you, the supplier, for using the Ariba Network.  Continue reading for further detail. Read More

Ariba FAQ's: Section 1