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Maintaining operational excellence in Cummins Purchasing demands we use a good, standard tool to streamline the transactions between Cummins and our suppliers. Cummins has therefore selected Ariba as our Indirect Purchasing software and Ariba Supplier Network as our electronic transaction solution. As a preferred supplier, you are invited to join our Ariba Supplier Network and begin electronic transactions with Cummins on items such as purchase orders and invoices. ​

Ariba has various levels of membership to fit your particular needs when transacting with Cummins and other customers. For you, our supplier, there are numerous benefits to using this software, including potentially lowering your cost of doing business with Cummins, optimizing the process, improving the payment cycle through more accurate documentation and helping you avoid late payments due to missing information issues. The Ariba Supplier Network will help Cummins identify potential new providers for opportunities where we do not yet have a partner identified.​

 Please choose the icon below for detailed F.A.Q.’s on the specific subject area, or request a call from SAP Ariba Customer Support.


Ariba Cloud FAQ's