​​​​​​​​​​​​One Network application login and Supplier Guides

One Network is our network technology for establishing an integrated and visible control tower for planning and inbound supply management which will enable us to connect our trading partners across the Supply Chain. Supplier resources include a link to the Cummins

  • One Network application

  • Training material, work instructions, and quick reference guide

  • Supplier Help Desk

How do I access the One Network application?

One Network

One Network Onboarding Checklist:

In order for you (and for Cummins) to track the training and system setup requirements for One Network, please download a copy of the onboarding checklist to be submitted upon completion.

This checklist should be completed and returned within two(2) weeks of the start of onboarding your company in the One Network process.  Instructions are listed at the top of the spreadsheet.


Information regarding Cummins and One Network:​

  • ​​Cummins Partners with One Network (video, 13:08 minutes)​​
  • How to Activate Your One Network Account (video, 3:47 minutes)​
  • ​​How to Manage Users in Your One Network Account (video, 6:54 minutes)​
  • ​Frequently Asked Questions from External Suppliers (PDF​)

Training Information on One Network:

NOTE:  These require a login to the secure side of the Cummins Supplier Portal.  If you do not have an account on the Supplier Portal, contact the Supplier Help Desk (link below).



What do I do if I need help?

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Supplier Help Desk​.​​​