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​​​​​​​​​Cummins Inc. values global supplier partners who share our commitment to quality and value, but who operate under a philosophy that focuses on Excellence – always delivering superior results.

To support that philosophy, Cummins has a Supplier Handbook – Customer Specific Requirements specifically for its supply base worldwide. The supplier handbook outlines the minimum requirements that a supplier must meet to do business with Cummins. The handbook applies to all suppliers that produce goods or provide services for Cummins and any of its subsidiaries, joint ventures, divisions, or affiliates.

The Cummins Inc.-Customer Specific Requirements handbook is aligned with ISO9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016. All Suppliers to Cummins Inc. must meet the requirements of the Cummins Inc.- Supplier Handbook (Customer Specific Requirements).


Cummins Inc. separates the products and services purchased from suppliers into two categories Indirect and Direct:​

  • Indirect: defined as all services and any products that are not assembled and shipped to an end customer (including tooling, chemicals, machinery, computers, gauges, packaging, training, real estate, and prototypes, etc.)
    • Indirect suppliers are required to accept and follow the Cummins Inc. Indirect Supplier Handbook – Customer Specific Requirments.
  • Direct: defined as all products that are manufactured and assembled into a product that is directly shipped to a customer (includes engine components, filters, turbochargers, generators, alternators, etc.)
    • Direct suppliers are required to ​​accept a​nd follow the Cummins Inc. Direct Supplier Handbook – Customer Specific Requirements.​

Direct - Cummins Inc. - Customer Specific Requirements Translations:


Change Log:


Page​ Description
6 Reworded ISO 14001 requirement
6, 7 Added Supplier Code of Conduct Requirements
9, 10, 11, 12 Added new acronyms, AECD/AES, BRM, CDX, FMD, KEPT, MDS, PCRA, SQPM, SQE, VDA, WIN
12, 13 Added Compliance, emissions, cyber security, VDA, and BRM Requirement
22 Modified PPAP warrant IMDS requirement
24 Added Cummins and customer tooling requirements
25, 26 Added embedded software, AECD, PCRA, and material compliance requirements
28 Modified Reliability/product compliance requirement
30 Modified LPA requirement
30 Added Special Process CQI-29
32, 34 Added SQPM process
35 Added CQI-28 Traceability Guidelines AIAG Manual
All pages​ Changed from SQIE/SQI to SQE



Page Description
6 Added requirement to ISO 14001 when required by CMI customers.
6 Added service parts
9 Added definition of Disruption Score (item 9)
15 Added Safety Critical Characteristics as a new customer special characteristic type
15-16 Revised Section N clarifying special characteristic capability
20-21 Clarified materials content reporting process
24 Revised Section T to clarify the Packaging Data Sheet process
25 Added Section W (8.7.1) Customer Notification
28 Clarified CQI Special Process expectations
30 Added examples of supplier disruption costs and administrative expenses
31​ Added Section CC Warranty Management Systems (10.2.5)

​Indirect – Cummins Inc. – Customer Specific Requirements Translations: (pending)

Note: Applicable Cummins Engineering Standards referenced in the Supplier Handbook, can only be accessed, thru the secure sign-in section of the portal. Use the <Contact US> button to request an account from the Supplier Help Desk. 


Supplier Handbook