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​Detailed Lessons

Business Continuity Planning Leader


​(Not Applicable for this playbook.)

​Crisis Command Team Introduction


​​Lesson 1: Command and Control

Lesson 2: Response

Lesson 3: Risk

Lesson 4: Crisis Management

Lesson 5: Legal

Lesson 6: Communication and Record Keeping

​Senior Command Team


​(Not Applicable for this playbook.)

Commuications Leader Introduction


Lesson 1: The Communications Leader

Lesson 2: Media Landscapes and Communication Types

Lesson 3: Crisis Communications

Lesson 4: The Spokesperson

Lesson 5: The Close Out

Lesson 6: External Stakeholders, Families and Communities

Lesson 7: Information Gathering

Lesson 8: Crisis Command and Communications Function


​Document (linked)​


Good Practice Guide 7: Leadership Resources
At an individual site level, there should be an identified senior member of staff who is able and capable of leading the response to an emergency/crisis event. Ideally, there should be more than one person and deputies should also be available. This role should be pre-agreed and clearly identified. The site should always have the ability to enact this role immediately. The person(s) identified to take this role should be trained and they should undertake regular testing. Best practice would demonstrate site crisis response leaders have received training and have been tested. This will be documented and recorded​