The Fieldglass Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) below provide help to the suppliers regarding the Statement of Work (SOW) responses and related documents.  The SOW in Fieldglass is a module to request Engineering or IT consulting services for projects or support. Users can specify milestones, tasks, time period, recurring payment schedules, and payment on completion.  The tool facilitates SOWs to one supplier and SOW bids to multiple suppliers. 

The major benefits are:

  • Simplified SOW revision process

  • Standardize Statement of Work creation with access to SOW Clause Library

  • Maintain a repository and track SOWs and SOW workers

  • Create service bids

  • Automate PR creation

  • Automate invoicing based on milestone and timesheet approval


Quick Reference Guides (QRGs):

​QRG ​Submit a SOW Response (single supplier)​​Submit s SOW Response
​QRG ​Submit a SOW Bid Response (bid response)​​Submit a SOW Bid Response
​QRG Enter a WWID for a SOW Worker​​Enter a WWID for a SOW Worker
​QRG Submit a SOW Worker Timesheet​​Submit a SOW Worker Timesheet
​QRG Submit an Invoice​Submit an Invoice