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Cummins Inc. separates the products and services purchased from suppliers into two categories:

Indirect is defined as all services and any products that are not assembled and shipped to an end customer (including tooling, chemicals, machinery, computers, gauges, packaging, training, real estate, and prototypes, etc.)

Direct is defined as all products that are manufactured and assembled into a product which is directly shipped to a customer (includes engine components, filters, turbochargers, generators, alternators, etc.)

Both are essential to Cummins, and both types of spending represent billions of dollars in investment on a yearly basis.

The Cummins Purchasing organization is responsible for initiating the search for suppliers as needs arise, using accepted standards for fair and equitable sourcing processes. If you are interested in being added to a database of prospective suppliers, please click here. Entry into the database does not constitute an obligation to contact your company.

For Direct Purchasing, Cummins organized as follows:

Business Units:

  • Cummins Engine Business Purchasing
  • Cummins Power Generation Business Purchasing
  • Cummins Distribution Purchasing

Components Business Units:

  • Cummins Emission Solutions Purchasing
  • Cummins Filtration Purchasing
  • Cummins Fuel Systems Purchasing
  • Cummings Turbo Technologies Purchasing

Cummins has Corporate Purchasing teams which work across all Business Units, as well as four regional purchasing organizations:

  • Cummins China Area Business Organization (ABO)
  • Cummins EMEA Area Business Organization (ABO)
  • Cummins India Area Business Organization (ABO)
  • Cummins Latin America (ABO)


Cummins Corporate Indirect Purchasing has regional offices in the US, UK, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, China, India, Australia, Singapore, and Korea.

Cummins Purchasing