​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Cummins Supplier Portal now contains the following lists of engineering standards:

  1. ​Cummins Engine Business Unit (EBU) engineering standards revisions list; 

    • ​​(No​te:  the EBU list was previously housed in the supplier library on the iSC​M supplier side of the EBU GPS application.​)​

  2. Cummins Emission Solutions (CES) engineering standards revision list; and, 

  3. Cummins Turno Technologies (CTT) engineering standards revision list​

​To access these lists: (Please note that you will be required to have a Supplier Portal account and be logged in to see the list.)​

  • ​​Please first click on the "Sign In" action on the upper right side of this page to sign into the Cummins Supplier Portal, if you are not already signed into this site.  
  • You may then access either list on the Supplier Portal by clicking one of the links below:

If you find that your company needs a PDF copy of any of the revised standard documents, please contact your Cummins Sourcing Manager or administrative assistant in Cummins Purchasing as you currently and normally do now, to receive the standard via the Information-Only RFQ process in the Oracle Cloud Sourcing (SFD) application.


Thank you.


Update Log:

  • 2nd ​Feb 2024​​

  • ​​​EBU​​
  • CES
  • CTT