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​Detailed Lessons

​Business Continuity Planning Leader


​​(Not Applicable for this playbook.)

​Crisis Command Team Introduction


​​​Lesson 1: Command and Control

Lesson 2: Response

Lesson 3: Risk

Lesson 4: Crisis Management

Lesson 5: Legal

Lesson 6: Communication and Record Keeping


​Document (linked)​


Good Practice Guide 5: Back Up and Contingency​
Business interruptions can occur within the transport and logistics chain, it is, therefore, appropriate that the resilience of any supply chain includes the movement of stock, products, and materials. The site should have preferred suppliers and contractual agreements with them. These should be a reference within the business
continuity plan. Best practice would demonstrate service level agreements are in place that is regularly reviewed, with the site leadership demonstrating ownership. These agreements would be detailed within the business continuity plan.​


Backup and Contingency Planning